British North Borneo, Edward VIII Pattern Crown

Edward VIII Pattern Crown for British North Borneo, struck in brass and retro dated 1936.
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British North Borneo became a British Protectorate in 1888, it was made up of Sabah, Brunei and Sarawak. It had been under Dutch rule before then. In 1963 they merged with Malaya to become the Federation of Malaysian States.

We can offer the Edward VIII privately issued medallic patterns which shows what the King’s coinage might have looked like had he not abdicated.

On one side is the bare head of the King, after all he never was crowned. On the other side are the arms of the British North Borneo Company. Two natives on either side of a shield, one carrying a long knife, the shield has a sailing ship on it.

These are full crownsized pieces (38mm diameter) struck in brasss and this Edward VIII piece is one of the more difficult to get.

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