British Military Authority Occupation Currency 1942 - 1956

British Military Authority Occupation Currency 1942 - 1956. Europe and North Africa by Theo van Elmpt.
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Fantastic New British Military Book
Winner of the IBNS Book of the Year Award 2003

Yet another fantastic book by Theo van Elmpt, this time on notes issued by the British Military Authority during World War 2. Mr van Elmpt is known for tackling subjects which have received almost no in depth coverage in the past. He is known for his meticulous research and with this book he has discovered new information, put old misconceptions to rights and uncovered hitherto unknown designs. It is a superb book.

The British Military Authority issues were introduced in 1942. They were needed to make sure the economies of the countries which Britain occupied could still keep going. They were intended for use in Tripolitania, Madagascar, French North Africa, Italy, the Balkans and Greece. Most only lasted for the duration of the war but in Tripolitania, which eventually got it's own separate issue, they lasted until 1951. The British Government even prepared issues for possible use in the Suez Canal Zone and Iran. Van Elmpt covers all these issues in authoritative detail.

This wonderful book is 500 pages long and stuffed with full colour illustrations of all the issues, known and unknown, and comes complete with valuations. Like van Elmpt's other works, it will fast become the definitive reference for this fascinating and complex series.

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