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100th Anniversary of the RAF Five Medal Collection

This handsome collection was issued by the Worth Collection in 2018 to honour the 100th anniversary of the RAF (Royal Air Force) 1918-2018. You get five different crownsized full-colour medallions in a stunning blue plush display case. The planes shown in full colour are: Spitfire AB910, Dakota III ZA947, Hurricane LF363, Chipmunk WG486 and WK518 and the Lancaster Pa474. This is a handsome collection but the Worth Collection has kept to their usual incredibly low price of just £19.50 for all five medals plus the display case. That is less than £4 a medallion, compare that to the medals being advertised in the National Press and you will see what a bargain this collection is, but supplies are limited. You will love this collection.
Picture of Battle of Waterloo set of 6 Medals

Battle of Waterloo set of 6 Medals

Five bronze Brilliant Uncirculated medals plus one Proof 14ct gold medal in the original folder. Limited issue.
Picture of Charles & Diana Engagement Medal GM

Charles & Diana Engagement Medal GM

When Prince Charles announced his engagement to Lady Diana Spencer, Coincraft was the only company in the whole world who managed to get out a medallion in the very short time allotted. But we even managed two different designs. When the informal bust design sold out, we had a second issue made with an informal dress. It is this second and scarcer of the two with formal dress that we now offer you. Steve found 45 of the formal bust engagement medallion in goldine when we moved. They are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and really are difficult to find, we should know, we had them made in 1981.
Picture of Charles & Diana Formal Engagement Medal

Charles & Diana Formal Engagement Medal

We issued this medal was issued in 1981, and it was one of only two engagement medals that we issued at the time. The other one was one that we issued with informal portraits on it. The formal one has Prince Charles in a military uniform and Diana in cocktail dress. It is struck in Proof like cupro-nickel and the mintage was rather small. We just found 120 pieces in one of the vault rooms, having been put away for the past 38 years. I am going to offer them at what I think the original price was in 1981, but please remember that there are only 120 pieces available.
Picture of Charles II ‘Royal Sovereign’ Gold Medal

Charles II ‘Royal Sovereign’ Gold Medal

This Half Sovereign sized gold medal was issued years ago by Pobjoy Mint. It honours the H.M.S. Royal Sovereign, a ship under King Charles II. On one side you have the ship (1637-1696) and on the other side you have the bust of King Charles II. They are struck in Proof hallmarked 9ct Gold. Each one comes with a Pobjoy certificate in a plastic wallet, just the way they were issued. I think they are beautiful pieces and one that I have not seen in years and years. It was a limited edition all those years ago.
Charles Prince of Wales - investiture 1969 Small Bronze_obv

Charles Prince of Wales - investiture 1969 Small Bronze

32mm designed by M. Rizzello Obv. Bust right of Charles. Rev. The Welsh Dragon, legends in Welsh. Mintage 29,000 Uncirculated
Churchill World War II Medal Collection

Churchill World War II Medal Collection

This is a beautiful collection of medals that are part of The Worth collection. The medals honour Churchill in World War II. These are silver plated and there are five different crown-sized medals in a handsome presentation case. On the obverse of each medal is a stern portrait of Churchill with the legend ‘We shall never surrender’ and the dates 1874-1965. The medals have full-colour photos of the Heinkel He 111 German bombers present during the Battle of Britain, the Soviet T-34 Medium Tank, the US M4 Sherman Medium Tank, the British Churchill Tank, and the German PZKPFW-V tank. It is a handsome collection and as usual with The Worth Collection, you get all five medals in the presentation case for just £19.50. Try and find a bargain like this anywhere else.
Picture of Dassier Medals & Book

Dassier Medals & Book

British Kings & Queens Medals and Book re-issue of the Dassiers of Geneva series made in the late 1700s
Diana 5 medal collection

Diana 5 medal collection

The late Princess Diana would have been 60 years old this year, her sons recently unveiled a statue to her. We have a collection of five different full colour medallions issued to honour her. As the medallions say ‘The People’s Princess’ and also ‘The Last Rose of England’. The obverse has a facing portrait of Princess Diana as Princess of Wales and the dates 1961 1997 and her signature ‘Diana’. The reverses have five different full colour photographs of her looking very elegant and beautiful. The collection comes in a handsome presentation case, something you will be proud to own and display. They are beautiful gold plated Proofs and please remember that there are five different medallions and presentation case for only £19.50. Get them while we have them, as we are not sure we can get any more. With all the publicity about her 60th birthday, they are sure to be very popular.
Elizabeth II 5 Medallion Collection in Case

Elizabeth II, 5 Medallion Collection in Case

Queen Elizabeth II: five important medallions covering various parts of her long and glorious reign. Again full colour in the famous Worth Collection Presentation Case. Next year is the platinum jubilee of her Majesty The Queen. We doubt many companies will be offering you a collection of 5 different medallions in a presentation case for just £19.50. Coincraft – Britain’s Coin Shop gives you The Worth Collection value for the money.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Maiden Voyage  'New 'Queen Elizabeth  Medal

Elizabeth II, Maiden Voyage 'New 'Queen Elizabeth Medal

This handsome crownsized Proof medallion was issued in 1987, some 31 years ago for the Maiden voyage of Cunard’s ship the Queen Elizabeth II. One of the people who made this medallion for Cunard found some in a room at his business. They had sat there forgotten for the past 31 years. Anything with ships on it is highly collectable. In Germany there is even a club for ship coin collectors. This gleaming two coloured Proof shows the great ship on one side the Queen Elizabeth II symbol on the other side. It comes in a six-page full colour presentation wallet. The ship has now been laid up and is no longer in service.
Picture of George V, 1935 Large Silver Medal Uncirculated

George V, 1935 Large Silver Medal Uncirculated

1935 Large Silver Medal in Unc. Today the Royal Mint would no doubt have to charge quite a high price for similar medals.
Picture of George V, Silver Jubilee Medal 1935

George V, Silver Jubilee Medal 1935

The official silver medal issued for the King's Silver Jubilee in 1935. Extremely Fine condition.
Picture of George V, Silver Medal in Box 1935

George V, Silver Medal in Box 1935

In 1935 King George V celebrated his Silver Jubilee and the Royal Mint struck a beautiful medallion to honour the event. You have the conjoined busts of King George V and Queen Mary on one side and Windsor Castle on the other side. These medallions were struck in Sterling Silver and are now 83 years old. To protect them, the Royal Mint issued them in red card boxes, which over the years have gotten damaged and lost. So it was quite exciting when a dealer offered us this group complete in their original red card boxes of issue. Of course the medallions have toned over the years, but then this is what Sterling Silver does. The boxes have seen a little handling but are extremely difficult to find. The Royal Mint also issued a commemorative crown for the Silver Jubilee, so maybe it would be nice to show the two side by side.

Gold Football Medal, Holbrook District FL

9ct gold runners-up medal for 1935-36 season for the Holbrook & District Football League.
Imperial Service Medal  Elizabeth II since 1953_obv

Imperial Service Medal Elizabeth II since 1953

Another exciting offer for our growing band of medal collectors The Imperial Service Medal was instituted on 8 August 1902 to reward civil servants (on retirement) for at least 25 years of loyal and meritorious service to the Crown. Originally, the Order was a silver, seven-pointed star. In 1920, the design of the medal changed to a round pattern (32mm and struck in Silver), which bore the monarch’s head on the obverse and, on the reverse side, a design with a naked man reclining to depict well-earned rest with the words ‘For Faithful Service’. The ribbon design consists of two red stripes with a blue stripe in the centre. The name of the recipient is impressed on the rim of the medal and all recipients are listed in the London Gazette. These were issued under our current monarch Elizabeth II. As issued.
Picture of Miniature 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Medal

Miniature 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Medal

In 2012 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the 60th anniversary of her ascending the throne 1952-2012. To celebrate this historic event a new Medal or decoration was issued. It showed the Queen with her hair up and wearing a tiara. The reverse has E II R crowned within a set of boxes and the dates 1952-2012. As with most awards, they also issued a miniature for wearing when the full-sized original would be too big to wear. It is these miniatures that we now offer you. They are complete with a red, white, and blue ribbon and the medal itself is silver plated. We assume these are official, but to be honest we really don’t know. We were offered them, they look fantastic, the price was right and we thought that you collectors might like one (Actual size of medal 18mm).
Picture of Official Leather Case for 1935 Medal

Official Leather Case for 1935 Medal

Official leather case for the 1935 George V medallion
1908_London_Olympics_Official_Commemorative_Medal _obv

Olympics, London 1908 Official Commemorative Medal

White Metal 50mm by B. Mackennal. Obv. Fame standing upon a globe with palm branch and trumpet. Rev. quadriga driven by two standing male figures. Extremely Fine Rare
Prince Philip 5 Medallion Collection in Case

Prince Philip 5 Medallion Collection in Case

Prince Philip Memorial Collection: five handsome full colour medallions in a Worth Collection presentation case. They show the important and fun parts of his life, you can enjoy his life and what a life it was. We highly respected and admired the late Prince Philip, some of us had the pleasure of seeing him close up twice. He was a worthy gentleman and is greatly missed.
Picture of Queen Victoria/ Queen Elizabeth II Medal

Queen Victoria/ Queen Elizabeth II Medal

Queen Elizabeth II has already surpassed Queen Victoria as our longest-serving Monarch, King George III is the third longest-serving Monarch. In 2012 the International Currency Bureau issued a beautiful crownsized medal that honoured both Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria on Elizabeth’s 60th anniversary as Queen. It is in Prooflike condition and comes in a rather special presentation folder. We thought we had sold out but found a carton in a storeroom. We are not raising the price, but today this medal is even more important and more historical. Supplies are very limited.