Rare British Copper & Bronze Coins

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Picture of Isle of Man, Half Penny 1733, UNC with lustre

Isle of Man, Half Penny 1733, UNC with lustre

Struck in 1733 for James Stanley the 10th Earl of Derby to provide small change for commerce. Uncirculated with some lustre.
Victoria, Half Farthing About Unc_obv

Victoria, Half Farthing (Young Head) About Unc

In the reign of Queen Victoria the Half Farthing was only struck in copper. It is one of the smallest denominations ever made. We have a wonderful group of these copper Half Farthings in very high grade, most of those we have are dated 1844 and are in About Uncirculated condition. You have the Young Head on one side and the date and denomination on the other side. They are struck in copper and now are over 173 years old. But the most interesting thing is their high quality.

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