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2003 Set of 4 Bridge Pattern Pounds in Silver

In 2003 the Royal Mint issued a set of four pattern Silver Proof Pounds of Bridges. Instead of ‘Pound’ each coin is inscribed with the word ‘Pattern’. The four patterns come in a blue Royal Mint case with an informative booklet about the four bridges. In later years the Mint actually issued all four of these patterns as actual coins complete with the word ‘Pound’ on them. This makes this set the cheapest and we think, one of the most important groups of patterns that the Mint has ever issued. The four Sterling Silver patterns are for the Forth Bridge, Menai Bridge, Egyptian Bridge, and Millennium Bridge. We can offer this incredible collection of four Royal Mint pattern Pounds for just £275 that works out to less than £70 per pattern. We have spent 2 years putting these 5 sets together. We also sell the actual silver coins. Think of the display you could put on, silver proof Patterns and then the actual silver proof coins that were issued. But only 5 sets available.
1 Cent GB Pattern_obv

British Pattern Euro Proof Set 2003

Although we never joined the Euro, INA made up pattern Euro Proof Sets for many nations and the United Kingdom was one of them. It is a nine piece set from the 1 Cent size to the crownsized 5 Euro including two bi-metallic pieces. These follow the size and the metal as used on the actual Euro coins, that were issued of course. It has been sometime since we have been able to offer this collection, we think it fills in an important part of our numismatic heritage. You get the following sized coins: 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1 Euro, 2 Euro and crownsized 5 Euro all in brilliant proof condition. Each coin comes in an envelope in a bag. We got these sets from a dealer in Scotland who forgot he had them. Once these are gone that will be that... Remember you are getting 9 proof coins in your British Pattern Euro Proof Set...
Picture of Elizabeth II, 1984-87 Piedfort Pound Set

Elizabeth II, 1984-87 Piedfort Pound Set

We recently found a set of the Round Pound put out by the Royal Mint. We think this is an important set, quantities available are small but we think the price might interest you. The first Round Pound was issued in 1983 but that represented the United Kingdom. From 1984-1987 they issued a different pound every year for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England. This set of four Sterling Silver Piedfort comes in the Royal Mint case of the issue including the silver-plated 1984-87 medallion This set is struck in Proof Sterling Silver and comes in the original Royal Mint Case. Piedforts are double the normal thickness
Picture of Elizabeth II, Collection of 3 Silver Proof Round Pounds (1983-2014)

Elizabeth II, Collection of 3 Silver Proof Round Pounds (1983-2014)

Since the round pound was first issued in 1983 there have been 3 different busts of H.M. the Queen: The Machin bust (1983-4), the so-called Maklouf bust (1985-97), and the Rank-Broadley bust (1998-2014). We have taken one of each type in gleaming Sterling Silver Proof, put them in a protective holder, and then put all 3 holders in a handsome display case. That way you can see all three busts at the same time. Some of the types are not easy to get, so We think our price for this three-piece type set of just £125 is quite reasonable, but supplies are very limited. They are not easy to find. This would make a wonderful gift for someone, especially if they are too young to remember the Round Pound. The three Sterling Silver Proof Pounds in a handsome display case just £125.00. All 3 portraits of the Queen.
1922 Silver Coin Set

George V, 1922 Silver Coin Set

In the long history of our coinage, when they talked about coins they meant Sterling Silver coins. That is 925 parts silver per 1,000 parts. But in 1920, the British Government made the unprecedented move of reducing the silver content of our coinage. They reduced it from 925 parts per 1,000 to just 500 parts per 1,000 or half silver as it is called. Not many people kept the ‘new’ silver coins, because they knew that 500 fine coins were not as intrinsically valuable as Sterling Silver coins. So that post 1920 coins, even today are not all that easy to get. We have put together complete silver date sets of King George V 1922 coins. You get the Threepence, Sixpence, Shilling, Florin, and Halfcrown all issued in 1922, all in Very Good condition, which considering they are this year 100 years old, is rather good. You get all five 1922 silver coins in Very Good.
George V, Shilling Set 1927-36_obv

George V, Shilling Set (2nd Type) 1927-36

George V Silver Shillings 1927-1936 with lion standing on crown including 3 Kings Shilling 10 coins.
Picture of George VI Collection - Coins, banknote and stamp

George VI Collection - Coins, banknote and stamp

We all admired the excellent award-winning movie, ‘The King’s Speech’ in 2010 which showed King George VI’s determination and strength. Now you can own original coins from the reign of George VI issued from 1937-1952, a Coronation Stamp issued in 1937 and a banknote issued just after World War II. You’ll receive the coins that were actually used during George VI’s reign: the bronze Farthing, Halfpenny and Penny, plus the brass Threepence, Silver Threepence and cupronickel Sixpence, Shilling, Florin and Half Crown. These are original, genuine coins and were actually used as money in the reign of King George VI. You also get an Uncirculated British Armed Forces 2nd series Pound issued by Command of the Army Council in 1948. To top it off, you get a Mint stamp issued in 1937 for George VI’s Coronation, issued and overprinted for use in British Morocco. This collection is exclusive to Coincraft. The entire collection comes in a presentation wallet loaded with interesting and historic information.
George VI, Farthing collection_obv

George VI, Farthing collection

George VI Farthings from the Coronation year 1937 to the last George VI Farthing made in 1952. 16 coins in total.
George VI English & Scottish Shilling Set (1947-1951)_obv

George VI, Shillings (English & Scottish) 1947-1951

George VI cupro-nickel Shillings 1947-1951 both the English and the Scottish design. 10 coins in total
George VI, World War II Silver Set Unc

George VI, World War II Silver Set Unc

We have put together a few sets of the Silver coins issued by King George VI during World War II. But best of all these Silver coins are in Uncirculated condition. All the coins except the silver threepence will be dated between 1939-1945, the dates in each set will vary, that is they are not all the same date. It took me quite a while to put these World War II Uncirculated Silver Sets together, as some of the coins are very difficult to find in Uncirculated. The Threepence will be 1937 the year of King George VI Coronation. You get the Silver Threepence, Silver Sixpence, Silver English Shilling, Silver Scottish Shilling, Silver Florin and Silver Halfcrown all of George VI all issued during World War II except the Threepence and most importantly they are in Uncirculated condition. Supplies are Very Limited and these are handsome collections, after all they are at least 77 years old.
Picture of Victoria, Threepence Type Set

Victoria, Threepence Type Set

In the long reign of Queen Victoria there were only three major changes between 1838-1901. You have the Young Head, the Jubilee Head and the Old Head, which were used on the coins. All Silver Threepences are struck in Sterling Silver. You will get a Sterling Silver 3 pence of Queen Victoria Young Head, Queen Victoria Jubilee Head and Queen Victoria Old Head in Very Good condition. These are the smallest silver coins that were struck on a regular basis for Queen Victoria. We had trouble getting them, but based on past demand, our supplies should go very quickly. So if you want one or more sets, We suggest that you get in quickly to avoid disappointment...
World War II (1939-1945) Remembered - Coins, Stamps and Banknote Set_cover

World War II (1939-1945) Remembered - Coins, Stamps and Banknote Set

This is a fantastic new collection of coins, stamps, and a banknote from World War II. It is exclusive to Coincraft and there were only 5,000 sets made. They make excellent gifts and are rather handsome. You get a set of 4 British coins of King George VI that actually circulated during the Second World War; all coins are dated 1937-1945. They consist of the Brass Threepence, Penny, Halfpenny, and Farthing. You also get the 1943 United States Cent struck in steel; it was only ever struck for one year. Plus a Cent dated 1944-1946 made from melted-down shell cases. You get a Churchill crown, as he was our wartime Prime Minister. You also get a large-sized 1 Lire coin from Italy dated 1940, the year they declared war against Great Britain. Plus you get a pair of mint stamps for the Liberation of the Channel Islands with King George VI’s portrait. Plus two mint stamps from the United States showing the overrun nations of The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Plus a stamp issued by this country just after the War, where they reduced the colour to save ink. Finally, you get a large-sized 10 Rupee note from Burma, issued while it was under Japanese occupation. Don’t miss out on this fantastic collection.