British Armed Forces 1/- 3rd Issue PM26b Hole Cancelled Unc

British Armed Forces 1/- 3rd Series PM26 Small Blue and pink on white Hole cancelled Unc
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Isle of Man £1 Dawson P34 Unc

Isle of Man £1 Dawson P34 Unc

Issued in the Isle of Man’s Millennium year, 1979, the 50p and £1 notes in this pair are signed by Dawson with the special new title ‘Treasurer of the Isle of Man’. Queen Elizabeth II is on both notes. She oversaw the 1000th opening of their open-air parliament in that year. The back of the 50 pence note shows a Viking boat, whereas the £1 shows Tynwald Hill, the ancient seat of Manx Parliament (P34). Available individually or as a pair, both in Uncirculated condition.
Isle of Man 50 Pence Dawson P33 Unc

Isle of Man 50 Pence Dawson P33 Unc

When the Bank of England discontinued the paper 10 shilling note on decimalisation, it replaced it with a 50 pence coin. In the Isle of Man, instead of ditching the 10 shilling note for a coin it replaced it with a new note with the denomination of 50 New Pence. (P33) These Isle of Man 50 pence coins are amongst the last to be issued Signed by Dawson as Treasurer. They are in Crisp Uncirculated.
Malaya 10c 1941 Good Ext Fine - Unc_obv

Malaya, 10 cent 1941 Good Ext Fine - Unc

We have a group of silver coins of Malaya, which no longer exists. These Malay coins were all issued during World War II. Very interesting coins and many are listed for the first time. Supplies are very limited and all carry the portrait of a British Monarch and all are struck in Silver. We can offer date sets of the 10 Cent coins and also single coins by date. All coins are in EF and GEF-Unc condition and have seen actual usage and wear. Here we offer the 1941 10 cent in Good Extremely Fine.