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Online Newsletter 21st February 2020
On the newsletter that went out on 21st February 2020, we presented coin collectors with a George V crown from 1935, a commemorative coin depicting Rome's founding, a 1999 sovereign, 1787 Shilling, an Aurelian Billon Antoninianus, a 50 pence Library Coin, a Silver Drachm of Azes II and other interesting coins.
Banknotes Product Update 05th February 2020
Occasionally we send out a newsletter dedicated to Banknote collectors, this one was the first one of February. Inside, you'll find Banknotes from Austria, UK, Russia, Indonesia and even a trio of banknotes from Biafra. If you're a banknote collector don't forget to tick 'Banknotes' under the category interests of our newsletter sign up form. This will ensure that you are one of the first collectors to find out when new stock is uploaded to our website.