Blog posts of '2020' 'March'

Online Newsletter 20 March 2020
No. 28 was the last newsletter sent to our collectors just before the lockdown imposed by the government on the 23rd of March. Some of the items promoted on this Newsletter were an Ian Rank-Broadley Sovereign, a George V Sterling Silver Crown, a Quintillus Billon Antoninianus, and a Melbourne Young Head Sovereign. As a featured item, we suggested an 1887 Shilling.
Online Newsletter 13 March 2020
Just before the lockdown began we sent out a newsletter to our collectors advising them to stay at home on a Friday 13th. Little did we know that within a matter of days the whole country would go into lockdown. Some of the items featured in this newsletter were a 1951 Festival of Britain Crown with Stamps, a 1925 RARE Threepence, a 1945 Florin, a Constantius II Follis, Choice Licinius coins from a London Treasure, a 1920 Silver Set, and an Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus for good luck!
Online Newsletter 6th March 2020
The first newsletter of March 2020 featured mostly British coins. Amongst the items of the March update were an Edward I Treasure Penny from the London Mint, 1787 Sixpence, an Edward VII Shiling from 1902, a mint darkened farthing from 1916 and a world war I coin set.