India, Billion Silver Tanka of Jaunpur

These billon or base metal silver coins were issued between 1458 and 1479. They were made for the independent kingdom in Northern India of Jaunpur Sutltanate. Today this area is known as Uttar Pradesh. It was ruled by Hussain Shah, the last ruler. During his reign he contributed to Hindustani classical music. His army was the biggest in India and he tried to conquer Delhi three times, but was defeated each time. In 1493 the Delhi sultanate re-conquered Jaunpur and Hussain fled to Bengal. They are listed as EWC 928. These 500 year old coins are called Tankas and are base silver or billon. They have inscriptions on both sides and have an interesting history. I think at just £18.00 they are both interesting and reasonably priced.
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