Bermuda, Mint Set 1999-2009 (5 Values)

1999-2009, five coins all with the Queen’s portrait. 1c with hog, 5c fish, 10c flower, 25c bird, and $1 sailing ship.
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Uruguay, 4 Coin Mint Set BU

Uruguay coins are a set you don’t often see. Uruguay, in South America, has a most interesting history. Its capital Montevideo has certainly seen better times, in fact the wealthy people have moved out to a seaside area. The problem is that their coinage is not easy to find or get out of the country. But one of our suppliers has finally done it, but I dare not tell you who managed it. We can offer a set of four brilliant uncirculated coins they are large and the largest is bimetallic. You get the $1 with an armadillo or mulita, $2 with cappincho, $5 with a nandu bird and the $10 bi-metallic with a puma. Not an easy set to find and we have just 100 sets in stock all in brilliant uncirculated.
St Thomas, & Prince Mint Set 1997 (5 Values)_obv

St Thomas, & Prince Mint Set 1997 (5 Values)

5 coins all dated 1997. it is almost impossible to get Uncirculated coins and banknotes from the treasury. 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 Dobras.

Lebanon, Mint Set 2002-18 (5 coins)

Lebanon used to be known as the Switzerland of the Middle East, now it is known as the Venezuela of the Middle East. Inflation is running wild and coins are almost never seen or used any more. Banknotes are used and their denominations are increased on a regular basis. There are five coins all in Brilliant Uncirculated condition: they are 25 Pounds, 50 Pounds with a sailing ship, 100 Pounds, 250 Pounds and 500 Pounds. They use to have coins for a fraction of a Pound and now they have them up to 500 Pounds. Definitely not an easy set to get, I am sure that these coins are already not in use because they are of too low a value.