Belgium World War 1 Victory Medal

The Belgian Victory Medal was established by royal decree on 15 July 1919 and awarded to all members of the Belgian Armed Forces who served during the World War I. The basic obverse design, by the Scottish sculptor William McMillan, is a winged Victory standing on a globe and was adopted by many of the allied countries.
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The Belgian sculptor Paul Du Bois was responsible for the reverse design which depicts the coats of arms of the Allies superimposed over a laurel wreath and, at the centre, the Royal Coat of Arms of Belgium. Around the outer circumference is a bilingual inscription in French ‘LA GRANDE GUERRE POUR LA CIVILISATION’, and in Dutch ‘DE GROOTE OORLOG TOT DE BESCHAVING’ both meaning ‘THE GREAT WAR FOR CIVILISATION’.  The medal is struck in bronze and is suspended by a ring with a beautiful rainbow ribband, the medals were issued unnamed. The last time we had any of these for sale was over four years ago and they quickly sold out. Again, we have very limited availability for these highly emotive and striking medals.