Belgium Medal for Labour Service

Another fascinating offering for our growing band of medal collectors: This medal was issued by the Belgian state for 30 years labour service to Industry. First instituted in 1847, The medal has a Red, White and Blue ribbon, with the oval-shaped medal on a swivel suspender below an ornate crown. The medal has a central gilded design of industrial emblems surrounded by an enamelled wreath and an inscription in both French and Flemish which translates as ' Skill and Morality'. All the medals in this group have original ribbons and we only have a few left, so please order early. From previous experience, we know these will sell out rapidly.
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Pakistan Resolution Day Medal

Pakistan Resolution Day Medal

The result of the Resolution of Pakistan in 1940 is known as one of the most powerful political movements in recent world history because it forced the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It would take only seven years for the demand to become a reality with the establishment of the new independent state of Pakistan. The commemoration of this event is a hugely important date in the calendar for the citizens of Pakistan and it is a national holiday which is celebrated by a parade by the Armed Forces with the bestowal of national decorations. This medal was issued in 1990 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Pakistan Resolution Day. It is struck in cupro-nickel with a decorative suspension bar and a colourful green, red and gold ribbon. On one side is the Minar-e-Pakistan monument with Urdu text above and the date at the sides with laurel leaves below, the reverse also has an Urdu inscription. Add this interesting and important medal to your collection.
Kuwait, Gulf War Liberation of Kuwait Medal_obv

Kuwait, Gulf War Liberation of Kuwait Medal

The Kuwait Liberation Medal was created in 1991 and was issued by the government of Kuwait to both local and foreign military personnel who served in the “Liberation of Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War. The medals on offer here are the 5th class, struck in bronze with coloured enamel measuring 40mm in diameter suspended from a bar by a wreath. The design of the medal features the traditional dhow within a wreath supported by a falcon with its wings spread, falconry being the sport of kings in the Persian Gulf, and superimposed onto the falcon is an enamelled coat of arms, mirroring the ribbon on the medal in the colours of the State of Kuwait. At the top of the medal is the inscription in Arabic translating as “1991 Liberation Medal”. The reverse side of the medal shows a map of Kuwait on a rayed background. The medals are in their original boxes of issue complete with the dress ribbon bar.