Bahamas, Prince Charles $10.00

This large silver $10.00 was issued by the Bahamas in 1978 for the 5th Anniversary of their Independence. But rather than put the Queen on the coin, they put Prince Charles. It is in Proof condition, but they have toned a bit over the past 41 years, as silver tends to do. It weighs 45.36 grams of 500 fine Silver, which works out to about 3/4 of an ounce of pure Silver. As far as we can remember, this is the first coin to portray Prince Charles, and as he is going to be our next King, it might be a good way to start a collection of his coins.
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The exotic South Pacific Island Nation of the New Hebrides is now called Vanuatu. It got its independence from the Anglo-French commission that ran it in 1980. Before then, only one crown was ever issued and that was the 100 Francs of 1966. It is struck in 835 fine Silver and the coins on offer are in Uncirculated condition. If you are collecting a crown of each country, then you must have this one for your collection. It has the head of French Liberty on one side and a native carved sceptre on the other side. A large silver crown that is very difficult to get, in fact we have only 35 pieces and that is after a year of looking for them.
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