Australian, Animals Collection

This set of five medallions was issued for Australia in 2015 and has a crowned portrait of our late Queen on it. Struck in a proof silvered metal. The other side of each crown sized medal has the animal represented in finely engraved detail. They are Australian Koala, African Giraffe, Novosibirsk Zoo Lion, Novosibirsk Zoo Tiger and Novosibirsk Zoo Meerkats. A wonderful selection and we have made a special deal with the exporter on this set, you'll pay less than £4 per medal and you get a beautiful presentation case with the collections.
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Admiral Gardner 10 Cash 1808 Fine

In 1808 the British East India Company had some copper 10 Cash coins made in Birmingham, England. Unfortunately, these coins never made it to India. The ship, The Admiral Gardner sank on the Goodwin Sands losing the crew and the cargo. Some 200 years later the ship was discovered and because the coins were shipped in barrels they remained in nice condition. Remember they were buried in the sand for 200 years and were subject to some rather rough conditions at that time. We managed to buy some of these coins when they were first discovered and have just recently found a box that we had put away over 20 years ago. These are copper Ten Cash coins struck in Birmingham and dated 1808 we have them in Fine and Very Fine condition, the choice is yours. We are selling them for much less than the American dealers are charging, We think they are a good buy.
Australia, $1 Kangaroo 2023 1Oz Silver Brilliant Unc

Australia, $1 Kangaroo 2023 1Oz Silver Brilliant Unc

This is a special 1 Ounce Silver Dollar struck at the Perth mint (2023) to commemorate our late Queen Elizabeth II. It has a special memorial obverse featuring the Jody Clark effigy of HM Elizabeth II facing right, wearing the George IV State Diadem and the Victorian Coronation Necklace and the dates of the Queen’s reign, 1952-2022. The reverse features a Kangaroo with a sunburst background, along with the purity and weight, 1 oz 9999 Silver. This is a one year type and is a beautiful design honouring our late Queen.
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Bronze Antoninianus from the Normanby Hoard Extremely Fine

Bronze Antoninianus in Extremely Fine condition