Australia, 50c (2nd Portrait - Round type) 1966 Silver Unc

Commemorative round 50 Cent in silver (.800) issued by Australia in 1966. The obverse features a young (2nd) portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse features the Australian Coat of Arms. The coins are in Uncirculated condition and supplies are very limited.
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The Florin, or two shillings, was fi rst issued in Australia in 1910 under King Edward VII and last issued under Queen Elizabeth II in the 1960’s. All Australian Florins are struck in silver, something we changed in this country in 1947. We have a nice group that have just come in of Queen Elizabeth silver Florins in About Uncirculated to Uncirculated condition. Most dealers would call these coins Uncirculated, but at Coincraft we are a bit more conservative. Dates will be of our choice but we have at least three different dates in stock. Beautiful coins, at least 50 years old struck in silver and this denomination no longer exists in Australian coinage, get them while you can.