Australia 10 Dollars (2017) P63 Unc Polymer Plastic

Australia 10 dollars Blue P-New Printed on polymer plastic Banjo Paterson/ Mary Gilmore Unc
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It features Andrew Barton Paterson, also known as "Banjo" Paterson, who was an Australian writer and journalist who gained recognition for his poetry and ballads. His works predominantly revolved around the rural and outback regions of Australia, with a particular emphasis on the district near Binalong, New South Wales, where he spent a significant portion of his childhood. Among his most notable compositions are "Clancy of the Overflow" (1889), "The Man from Snowy River" (1890), and "Waltzing Matilda" (1895), which is widely regarded as Australia's unofficial national anthem. Paterson's literary contributions have solidified his status as a prominent figure in Australian literature and have left an enduring impact on the country's cultural heritage.

It also features Mary Jean Gilmore who was a renowned Australian author and reporter recognized for her extensive contributions to Australian literature and the wider national conversation. She skillfully crafted both prose and poetry, showcasing her talents as a versatile writer. Throughout her illustrious career, Dame Mary Jean Gilmore DBE made significant literary contributions that resonated with audiences across Australia. Her works spanned various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and verse, captivating readers with her unique storytelling style. As an accomplished journalist, Dame Mary Jean Gilmore DBE fearlessly delved into pressing social and political issues of her time. Her writings reflected her deep understanding of the complexities of Australian society, shedding light on important topics that had previously been overlooked. Through her literary endeavours, Dame Mary Jean Gilmore DBE left an indelible mark on the Australian literary landscape. Her words continue to inspire and provoke thought, ensuring her lasting legacy as a trailblazer in Australian literature.

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