Ascension Islands Crown Cover

This most unusual Crown Cover was issued in 2002 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II being our Queen. The cover shows a large black and white photograph of The Queen and the stamp from Guernsey is in full colour and shows her in a green outfit. It is the crownsized 50 Pence that caught my attention. It does not have the Queen on the reverse but rather Westminster Cathedral. The obverse has a crowned portrait of The Queen and it is from Ascension Island. This is unusual as most of the coins from Ascension are also from St. Helena. Both have small populations so they tend to combine the both. An interesting place, rather desert like and rather hard to get to. The crown is Prooflike Uncirculated and most unusual, one that I don’t think I have seen before.
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Golden Jubilee Souvenir Sheet & 3d

Golden Jubilee Souvenir Sheet & 3d

In 2002 the British Post Offi ce issued a Special Souvenir Sheet for the Golden Jubilee of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II. On it was a photo of a brass threepence. This souvenir sheet catalogues £15.00 in used condition. But the ones we have on off er are on a large cover and cancelled on the First Day of Issue (FDC). There is a hole where the brass threepence goes and on the cover we saw the coin was literally cellotaped on to the cover. We just could not force ourselves to ruin the cover and the coin. So we are giving you the FDC cover with the Souvenir Sheet that catalogues £15.00 plus a 1967 Brass Threepence in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. What you do with the two items, is up to you. Our price for the First Day Cover and Brilliant Uncirculated Brass Threepence is just £7.95 which is about half the catalogue value of used stamps on their own. At Coincraft when we make a good buy, our collectors make a good buy.
1982 Washington Half Dollar Silver Proof_obv

United States of America, Washington Half Dollar 1982 Silver Proof

In 1982 the United States Government again honoured their first President, George Washington. This time it was on a commemorative Half Dollar. Don’t forget he was already on the quarter and the dollar bill, so this was his third attempt at numismatic immortality. You have George riding his horse on one side and Mount Vernon, his home, on the reverse. This was the first commemorative half dollar since 1954. They are struck in 900 fine Silver. and are in Proof condition. It has been a little while since we were last able to offer this important commemorative coin. Even in America, the supply seems to be drying up...