Anguilla (ECCA) 1 Dollar P21u

Until a few years ago, the East Caribbean Central Bank issued notes for its members and identified which island they were intended for by way of a letter overprint or a suffix letter at the end of the serial number. Anguilla issues were unusual because the map of the islands which was part of the design did not name Anguilla on the earlier 1988 issue but did on the issues of a few years later. We offer two varieties of the bright red East Caribbean 1 dollar designated for Anguilla. The first had the overprint of a capital U in a circle in the front of a note issued for St Vincent with a V suffix letter (P17u) The second, issued a few years later names Anguilla in the island group map to the right of the Queen’s portrait. The suffix is a letter U (P21u) We can offer both varieties in Crisp Uncirculated but quantities are limited.
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Anguilla (as East Caribbean) 1 dollar P21u Bright red. Queen Eliz II at r/Palm fringed shoreline Unc