Anglo-Saxon, Kings of Northumbria, Styca (810-867 A.D.) Fine

These pre-Viking pennies were struck by the Kings and Archbishops of Northumbria between 810-867 A.D. These debased copper coins were later to be known as “Stycas”, but we prefer Northumbrian Pennies, because that’s what they were! Northumbrian pennies were a robust currency which seem to have been of great practical use. The ones we are offering were struck from the reign of Eanred until Osbhert and the Viking capture of York in 867. Looking for an early Anglo-Saxon coin at an affordable price? Look no further, these pennies feature an inscription of the King or Archbishop on one side, the moneyer on the other, all have been fully identified. Grades vary. Often one side will be strong and another weak, that’s how they are found, but here we offer them in Fine.
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