Ancient Celtic Coins

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Potin coin of the Cantii_obv

Potin coin of the Canti

In 320 B.C. Pytheas of Massalia was the first Mediterranean to visit Britain and write about it! He wrote of a group of tribes called The Cantii (or Cantiaci) whose name meant ‘people of Cantion’, ‘Cantion’ being roughly where modern Kent is now. They are next mentioned as the confederation of at least four ‘kings’ who fought Julius Caesar when he invaded Britain in 54 B.C. This independence lasts until the early first century A.D. when larger tribes, such as the Atrebates and Catuvellauni, absorbed them into their kingdoms. We have a small group of cast coins from the first century B.C. made from Potin, a mixture of copper and tin with a little lead and silver for colour. These coins are virtually as they were made, any weakness is from the casting process. The obverse shows a stylised head with a large central eye and the reverse is a stylised bull of straight lines. Add to your collection a coin of the Canti, the tribe that fought Ceasar at the edge of the known world!