Ancient African Coins

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Ancient Bronze Coin of Carthage VG-Fine_obv

Ancient Bronze Coin of Carthage VG-Fine

Carthage, a powerful Phoenician city-state, thrived from 650 to 146 B.C, standing out for its maritime excellence and dominance in Western Mediterranean trade. Under skilled leaders like Hamilcar Barca and his son the renowned Hannibal, Carthage expanded its influence across North Africa. Its prosperity stoked conflicts, laying the groundwork for the legendary struggles against Rome in the Punic Wars. These AE16 coins from 400-350 BC, portray the Goddess Tanit on the obverse and a right-standing horse with a palm tree behind on the reverse which is synonymous with the coinage of the region as the horse was a symbol of Baal Hammon, the chief god of Carthage. They are in “VG - fine” grade.