Anastasius I. A.D. 491-518. Constantinople. AV Tremissis.

Anastasius I. A.D. 491-518., Constantinople. AV Tremissis. Laureate bust right / 'VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM' Victory advancing right, head left, holding wreath & globus cruciger; star in field right. About Extremely Fine & Rare. Anastasius is considered the first of the Byzantine Emperors.
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Anastasius was the emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire from 491 to 518. Despite starting his career as a civil servant, he ascended to the throne at the age of 61 after being selected by the wife of his predecessor, Zeno. Throughout his reign, Anastasius implemented numerous reforms and advancements in the government, finances, economy, and bureaucracy of the empire. His reign left behind a stable government, revitalized monetary economy, and a substantial budget surplus. This surplus enabled the empire to pursue more ambitious policies under his successors, particularly Justinian I. Due to the long-lasting impact of Anastasius' reforms, his influence on the empire persisted for many centuries.