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1st Presidential_Dollar_Proof_Set_obv

United States of America, (1st Presidential) Dollar Proof Set

With this set of four Presidential dollars, the United States Mint started their Presidential Dollar Collection. Four coins issued every year to honour all those who had the honour of serving as President of the United States. The coins are Proof and come in a double sided display case. The first four dollars are for George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and were issued in 2007. We were only able to secure 60 collections, it seems they are difficult to get even in the States. All four Presidential dollars in Proof.
Picture of United States of America, 1976 Bi-centennial 3-coin Silver Proof Set

United States of America, 1976 Bi-centennial 3-coin Silver Proof Set

In 1976 the United States celebrated her bicentennial (200th anniversary) of freedom. Of course that freedom was from us, but that is another story. To celebrate this historic event they gave three of their coins a total make over, the Dollar, Half Dollar and Quarter Dollar. They issued these coins in cupro-nickel for circulation. In Proof cupro-nickel for collectors and a VIP 3 coin proof set in Silver. It is that silver proof set that we are now offering you. It has been quite some time since we were last able to offer this important one year proof set in Silver. Each of the three coins has two dates 1776 and 1976. The Dollar has Ike and the reverse has the Liberty Bell and the Earth. The Kennedy 50 Cents or half dollar has Independence Hall on the reverse. Finally the Washington 25c or quarter has a drummer boy from the War of Independence. This is a handsome one year Silver Proof Set and even the case is rather outstanding. We managed to get just under 90 of these special proof sets, when they are gone it may well be a couple more years until we are able to offer them again.
Picture of United States of America, 1986 Statue of Liberty Dollar & Half Dollar Proof

United States of America, 1986 Statue of Liberty Dollar & Half Dollar Proof

The United States celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty in 1986 with two coins, the Silver Dollar and the nickel Half Dollar. The Statue of Liberty, which sits in the New York Harbour, was a gift of the French people to commemorating the alliance of France and the United States during the American Revolution. You have two beautiful Proof coins that are now 32 years old. We are offering them for what the Dollar should sell for, so it is like you are getting the Half Dollars for free.

United States of America, 2001 Statehood Quarters Silver Proof

This is the first time that we have been able to offer the United States Statehood Quarter Collection in Proof Silver. In the past we have offered cupro-nickel proofs, this is our first set we have had struck in silver proof. This set was issued in 2001 and represented the States of New York – Statue of Liberty, North Carolina – The Wright Brothers, Rhode Island – sailing, Vermont – maple syrup, and Kentucky – horse racing. Each coin has George Washington on the obverse and they are struck in 900 fine Proof Silver. You get all five coins in the Official US Mint display case. Now 20 years old and getting more and more difficult to get. This is the first time we have been able to offer them.
2014 ATB Quarters Silver Proof-rev

United States of America, 2014 ATB Quarters Silver Proof

Issued in 2014 these follow on from the State quarters but this time they tell what is beautiful in each state. They are .900 fine Silver Proofs in the Official United States Mint, double-sided presentation case. The five silver proof quarters represent Tennessee, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, and Utah. Each coin is both brilliant and matt proof and protected from handprints in a double-sided view plastic case. These are beautiful coins and this is the first time we have offered them. We have just 50 sets in stock and they are not easy to get even in the States. We know you will just love this set of five brilliant proof silver-proof quarters. We have always found the US Mint sells silver proofs of the highest quality and at the most reasonable price.
Picture of United States of America, Damaged Quarters Proof Set

United States of America, Damaged Quarters Proof Set

We bought a large group of the United States State Quarters in Proof condition. Each set contains five different US quarters representing five different States. The only problem is that they were not packed carefully enough, so that some of the cases cracked or broke in shipping. The coins are nice proofs, it is just the plastic case that did not make it totally intact. We are offering sets, dates of our choice, but the more you order the more different dates we will try and give you. United States set of five different State quarters in Proof condition at much less than our normal price. But quantities are limited and the coins are nice, it is only the case that has problems.
Picture of United States of America, Pair of American Olympic Proof Silver Dollars

United States of America, Pair of American Olympic Proof Silver Dollars

The United States held the Summer Olympics in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. these were the first Olympic Games to be professionally run and the first to make a profit. The United States Mint issued two Proof Silver Dollars to raise money to pay for these games. The difference between the cost and the selling price went to the Olympic Committee. In 1983 they issued a Silver Dollar with a modern triple vision of the Discus Thrower and the head of an American Bald Eagle on the reverse. In 1984 they issued a Silver Dollar with the nude but headless sculptures at the entrance to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The reverse had the American Bald Eagle in full stance. Both are struck in 900 fine silver. Today the Royal Mint charges £80.00 each for a silver Proof Crown, so I think that our price of £69.50 for both American Silver Dollars is quite fair; remember our price includes the Government’s 20% VAT!
Picture of United States of America, US Quarter Proof Set, 2003

United States of America, US Quarter Proof Set, 2003

This was issued as part of one of the most popular series of coins in the world, the United States Quarter set. Fifty quarters over 10 years, representing five States that joined the Union. The coins are in Proof condition in a double-sided display case, they are rather beautiful and interesting. Illinois with Lincoln, Alabama with Helen Keller, Maine with a lighthouse, Missouri with the arch and Arkansas wheat and a diamond. Washington is on the front of each coin with ‘In God We Trust’. This set is most interesting as most people don’t know a lot about the States represented.