Alexander Jannaeus Prutah VF

Alexander Jannaeus was a member of the Hasmonean dynasty and ruled Judaea from 103-76 B.C., extending Judaea to its most dominant in antiquity. He did this through clever manoeuvring between the two Ptolemaic powers of Ptolemy IX and Cleopatra III, conquering more land while they fought amongst themselves. He then brutally suppressed a civil war, leaving him the master of Judaea. Interestingly after a period of peace, he left the kingdom to his wife (Salome Alexandra) when he died, not his sons! We have a little group of his bronze Prutah showing crossed cornucopiae on the obverse with ‘Yehonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews’ in Paleo-Hebrew within a wreath on the reverse. They are an attractive Very Fine and with not many available I suspect they will sell out fast.
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