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Coincraft is a family-run business established in 1955. We have one of the oldest coin shops in the UK and we are the only coin specialist company still owned by the family who started the business. Visit our knowledgeable team of coin experts by the British Museum!

As one of the oldest Numismatic Dealers in the UK, we possess a large stock quantity of banknotes and coins for sale. You can find our items in our shop, website, and in our FREE publication, the Phoenix.

We are one of the most reputable British coin dealers in the UK, as well as one of the largest dealers in London and in the UK. As such, we are constantly buying coins. Please visit our shop if you wish to sell your coins.

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£20 Gift Card

£20 Gift Card. Gift cards are only redeemable through our website. The amount of £20 will be deducted from the order total, this includes shipping costs. Gift cards can only be redeemed once.
Pele Medallion Collection_obv

Pelé 5 Proof Medallion Collection

This is a collection for someone who remembers one of the greatest football players who ever lived ‘Pelé’. He was brought up in a poor area of Brazil and became one of the most well-known and one of the best footballers the world has ever known, popularising the style of play 'Joga Bonito' (Beautiful Game), and becoming one of football's biggest stars and ambassadors. He is sadly no longer with us, but people everywhere football fanatics or not, have all heard of ‘Pelé’. The collection contains five gold-plated Proof medallions each with a different full-colour photograph of ‘Pelé'. The obverse shows the iconic number 10 in action with the inscription ‘Edson Arantes Do Nascimento’ which is ‘Pelé’s’ birth name. The medals are gold-plated and come in a presentation case. Get one for your collection and remember one of the greatest sporting icons of the 20th century!
Bronze Antoninianus from the Blackmoor Hoard About Very Fine_obv

Bronze Antoninianus from the Blackmoor Hoard About Very Fine

On the 30th of October 1873, two large pear-shaped pots containing 29,802 Roman coins were dug up in Blackmoor Park in the parish of Selborne, Hampshire, halfway between Alton and Petersfield. The coins were closely packed and caked together with dirt so had to be carefully excavated, cleaned, and studied. The hoard consisted of coins dating up to around A.D. 296, the year of a battle near Woolmer, where the troops under the Emperor Constantius Chlorus defeated the army of the famous usurper Allectus to retake control of Britain. The hoard could be the unrecovered pay chest for the defeated armies of Allectus. Close to the location of the main coin find several other items have been found including bronze swords, spearheads, axe-heads, pottery, and other articles in metal including more coins. In 1975, the 4th Earl of Selborne decided to sell what he still had left of the hoard when it was auctioned by Christie’s on 9 December 1975. These coins have been tucked away since then and we are able to offer you a very limited quantity that we were able to purchase. The coins are billon Antoninianus of the emperors Victorinus and Tetricus and grade About Very Fine. The selection of coins from this hoard will be of our choice, but if you order more than one coin, we will try to provide you with different coins featuring the portraits of different emperors.

Choice Antoninianus of Maximian About Extremely Fine

Maximian was born around 250 A.D. near Sirmium, a man of humble origins who rose fast through a military career to high rank. He was later chosen by the emperor Diocletian as his colleague and co-emperor. When the Tetrarchy was proposed by Diocletian, Maximian chose Constantius (father of Constantine the Great) as his deputy, Caesar, and successor. Maximian campaigned with Diocletian against Rome’s enemies on the Rhine and Danube frontiers. But he was unsuccessful in his attempts to beat the rebel North Sea Fleet commander Carausius who had seized Britain. This was not achieved for another 10 years and then by Constantius. He later fought with success against a revolt in North Africa. When the senior emperor Diocletian abdicated in 305 A.D. Maximian also abdicated at his order, but with great reluctance. But in 307 A.D. Maxentius, the son of Maximian, rebelled against the legitimate emperor Galerius and proclaimed himself emperor in Rome, at the same time luring Maximian out of retirement to aid him. But Maximian had other plans and when he tried to usurp Maxentius’ authority he was forced to take refuge in Gaul with his son-in-law Constantine. Then in 310 A.D. while Constantine was away fighting the Franks, Maximian announced Constantine was dead and had himself proclaimed emperor at Arles. Constantine hearing of the trouble returned. Maximian fled to Marseilles where he was besieged and defeated, either being murdered or forced committed suicide. The coins we offer here are Billon Antoninianus in Extremely Fine condition showing his radiate bust on the obverse and with various reverses.
1937 Coronation Proof Set in Leather Case

George VI, 1937 Coronation Proof Set in Leather Case

In 1937 the new King, George VI, was crowned. It was the first and last silver Proof Set to be issued for this monarch. World War II came in and there were just other uses for the metals rather than Proof Sets. But what a Proof Set this Coronation set is. You start off with the 4-piece Maundy Set, then you add a Silver Proof Crown, Silver Proof Halfcrown, Silver Proof Florin, the first-ever Silver Proof English Shilling, the first-ever Silver Proof Scottish Shilling, a Silver Proof Sixpence plus a Silver Proof threepence. Then you add a Brass Threepence, the first year of issue of this coin and in Proof, plus the Penny, Halfpenny and Farthing the first year of the Wren Farthing. Overall, you have 15 different coins in this Coronation Proof Set including three, yes three, Threepences. The set comes in the red leather case of issue, today they use leather look material, but in 1937 they used real leather. All the silver coins are in brilliant Proof condition. We have just found three of these sets while going through some purchases we've made in the past... These sets are in strong demand at the moment, don't miss out…
Attica_Athens_Ca_431-393 B.C. AR_Tetradrachm_AOE_obv

Attica, Athens. Ca. 431-393 B.C. AR Tetradrachm. AOE. About Extremely Fine

Attica, Athens. Ca. 431-393 B.C. AR Tetradrachm. Helmeted head of Athena right / Owl standing facing, olive sprig with crescent moon to left & 'AOE' to right. About Extremely Fine & Scarce. Made using the silver from the mines of Laurion during the Peloponnesian War. A Classic coin everyone knows.

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