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George V, Half Sovereign (1911-1915) Extremely Fine_obv

George V, Half Sovereign (1911-1915) Extremely Fine

In the reign of King George V the gold Half Sovereign was only issued from 1911 until 1915. The Half Sovereign has always been a more difficult coin to obtain than the Sovereign. Mainly because they always made far fewer half-sovereigns than full sovereigns. In this case, they only issued this coin for five years. We can offer nice examples in Extremely Fine condition. And if you order two coins we will make sure you get two different dates. A coin that is missing from many collections and this is your chance to change all that.
Edward VI, Fine Silver Shilling_rev

Edward VI, Shilling (Fine Silver Issue) Very Good

Edward VI (1547-53) inherited a low-quality, debased coinage from his father Henry VIII (1509-1547). In 1551, Edward revoked his father’s policy of debasing coinage – as low as 25% fineness - and increased it back to 0.929 Fineness, slightly higher than Sterling. This is why this period was known as the Fine Silver Issue (1551-1553). The coins we are offering are well circulated and have been flattened and polished for use as gaming counters, possibly in Victorian times. These fine silver shillings feature the bust of the “Boy King” on the obverse with Tudor rose to the right, the reverse has a Quartered shield of arms over a long cross fourchée, the legend reading “I have made God my Helper” in Latin. Most were struck in London with the Tun (barrel) mintmark, and others were struck at York and have the mintmark “Y”, We only have a limited number of these Shillings available, they are in Very Good grade, and are at least 470 years old - some of the earliest silver shillings issued in Britain.
J Q Hollom Portrait £5 B297 Fine_obv

J Q Hollom Portrait £5 B297 Fine

In 1963, the Bank of England unveiled a new £5 note. It was an historic issue because it was the first time the Bank had issued a £5 note with a portrait of the reigning monarch (B297) With the signature of J Q Hollom, a portrait by Reynolds Stone of the young Queen Elizabeth II appears on the front. She is shown wearing the George VI diadem and her trademark three strand pearl necklace. The figure of a child Britannia is on the back. We offer this historic note in several grades, Fine, Very Fine, Extremely Fine and Uncirculated.
Farewell to £.s.d (Pre-Decimal) Coin Set - 9 coins

Farewell to £.s.d (Pre-Decimal) Coin Set

We have put together a unique collection of the old pre-decimal coins. In the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the old £.S.D. or pre-decimal coins were replaced by the coins that we use today. We have compiled a set of Uncirculated coins containing the Crown, Half Crown, Florin, English Shilling, Scottish Shilling, Sixpence, Brass Threepence, Penny, and Halfpenny. All the coins that were circulating before the decimal coins.
Turkey, Anatolia, Kaykhusraw II, Dirham Lion & Sun Type Good Very Fine_obv

Turkey, Anatolia, Kaykhusraw II, Dirham (Lion & Sun Type - Seljuq sultans of Rum) Good Very Fine

Ghiyath al-Din Kaykhusraw II was the sultan of the Seljuqs of Rûm from 1237 until his death in 1246. He ruled at the time of the Babai uprising and the Mongol invasion of Anatolia. He led the Seljuq army with its Christian allies at the Battle of Köse Dağ in 1243 and was the last of the Seljuq sultans to wield any significant power, he died a vassal of the Mongols. Between ca. 1240–1243 a series of remarkable silver dirhams were struck in Kaykhusraw’s name depicting a lion and sun. Generally, Islamic traditions forbid representations of living things so it is very unusual to find such iconography on Islamic coins. Several explanations of the lion and sun have been offered to suggest that the images represent the constellation Leo, the astrological sign of Kaykhusraw’s beloved Georgian wife Tamar or that the lion represents Kaykhusraw and the sun Tamar. Grading Good Very Fine, these are beautiful silver coins struck around 780 years ago. Limited availability and the first time we have offered these coins.
Licinius Bronze Coin Very Fine_obv

Licinius Bronze Coin Very Fine

Born around the year A.D. 265 in Roman Dacia, Licinius grew up with the future emperor Galerius and they served in the Roman army together. Galerius later appointed him Augustus in the West in A.D. 308. Following the deaths of Galerius, Maximinus II, and Maxentius by A.D. 313, the empire was left under the control of Licinius and Constantine the Great. Licinius married Constantine’s half-sister, Constantia, to help cement relations but in reality, both men wanted control of the whole empire! They fought on and off until A.D. 324 when Constantine defeated Licinius first at Hadrianopolis then at Chrysopolis. Licinius surrendered and, thanks to his wife, was sent in retirement. In A.D. 325 Licinius and his son were both hanged on the orders of Constantine for plotting. We offer you a bronze coin struck for Licinius which shows his bust on the obverse with various reverses in Very Fine, and as we have not been able to offer these for a long time we expect they will sell fast! Get the coin of Constantine the Great’s ultimate rival and imagine, what could the world be like if he had won?
Silver Dollar 1922 Extremely Fine_obv

United States of America, 1922 Silver Peace Dollar Extremely Fine

1922 Silver Peace Dollar Extremely Fine.
Picture of South Africa, Pair of cased Mandela Medals

South Africa, Pair of cased Mandela Medals

A crownsized pair of Nelson Mandela medals commemorating his time as President of South Africa 1994-1999. They were struck by the Cape Mint in South Africa and one is gold plated and the other is silver plated. The pair comes in capsules in a plush blue and red presentation case. Today this case would be made to sell for £10-£15 on its own, but it is yours included at this special price. We have a quantity, but at this price, they should sell fast. They make excellent gifts. Get them while you can the gold plated medal and the silver plated medal in the plush case. It’s a bargain, don’t miss out …

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