9/11 Never Forget Collection in Case

This most unusual set of medallions says it all ‘Never Forget’, never forget what happened on 9-11 in the United States. When terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre in New York City but also the Pentagon in Washington D.C. The planchet, or piece of metal the medallion is struck on, is not round but rather in the shape of the Pentagon. That is what makes this collection so impressive. Each has a full-colour photograph on the obverse. They are gold plated with the reverses showing the World Trade Centre and ‘We will not tire, we will not falter and we will not fail’ G.W. Bush. They are a fantastic set, yes they cost just a little bit more than the normal sets but we assume this shape costs more to make. The small extra cost will immediately be worthwhile when you see this stunning 9-11 ‘Never Forget’ Collection. It comes in a Worth Collection presentation case.
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