50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Medal Set

This fantastic set of five medallions has been issued by The Worth Collection for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. You get five different silvered medallions with full colour photos of Apollo 11. They are in Proof condition and have been silver plated. The set comes in a plush display case. The reverse medallion has an astronaut standing on the Moon holding an American flag with his spaceship in the foreground. If you are into space then this set is for you. First time offered.
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Medal for the last flight of Concorde_obv

Medal for the last flight of Concorde

We have just had this fantastic proof medallion for ‘The Last Flight of the Concorde 2003’. It shows three Concordes on one side and the legend ‘A Century of Flight' on the other side. It is a beautiful Proof in a yellow metal and comes in a protective plastic capsule. If you are into airplanes then this is for you. Especially at our price of only £5.95, but supplies are limited.
Seven Wonders of the World Set

Seven Wonders of the World Set

This is a fantastic set from the Worth Collection. All 7 New Wonders of the World in a large handsome presentation case. Each crownsized medallions is gold plated and in a protective capsule. The Seven Wonders of the New World are Petra in Jordan, Chichén-Itzá in Mexico, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, Machupicchu in Peru, Taj Mahal in India, Great Wall in China, and Roman Colosseum in Italy. They make a beautiful and educational set of proof medallions in the handsome presentation case. A great way to learn about the world.
Chernobyl Liquidators Medal_rev

Chernobyl Liquidators Medal

These are very attractive pieces produced with a gilded finish with black, red and turquoise enamel. At the centre is a diagram showing the atom being split into Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation. This medal was awarded to soldiers, policemen and many civilians who handled the fallout from this disaster. Complete with ribbon and suspension.