4th July Medallion Set

Richard is proud to be a dual British and American national, but, there is one day each year when he feels confused. And that day is the 4th of July. For Americans, it is a day to celebrate their independence from the British. For the British, it is the day they lost the American Colony. When The Worth Collection offered us a set of five medallions to celebrate the 4th of July Richard did not know what to do. Then he saw the collection and his mind was made up. It is a fantastic set and well worth having. You get five crown sized medals with full-colour paintings of battles being waged. You have the British red coats, the Americans with their flags flowing and it was after all almost 250 years ago. They are in Proof condition with reverse reading United States of America Independence Day 4th July. Just to show that we are fair to both sides, instead of the usual price of £22.50 we are going to offer them at just £19.50. And that's because Richard cannot make up his mind. He wants both sides to win!
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