Solomon Islands, 3 Sterling Silver Proof Crowns, 2002

Today the Royal Mint charges about £80-£88 for a silver proof crown. We bought a large group of silver proof crowns, mostly British Commonwealth, many struck by the Royal Mint. They are in Proof condition and come in protective capsules. Some even have H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. All are struck in Proof 925 Silver. But, and here is the but, while the Royal Mint charges about £88.00 today for one silver proof crown, we will give you three different silver proof crowns for just £88.00. It is like buying one and getting two more FREE. They were part of a series mostly issued by and struck by the Royal Mint so you know that the quality is first class. We know they are good value at this special price, which holds only until the 50 sets we have are sold.
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