South Africa, Krugerrand 2019 Brilliant Unc

We have just had in our supply of the NEW 2019 South Africa Silver Krugerrand. It now appears that they are going to make them every year, which is great for collectors. Another series to collect, beautiful quality and reasonable prices, what more can you ask for? Each piece contains one ounce of pure Silver and is in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. If you bought last year’s issue, then you will want to add this one to your collection too. Best to get in at the beginning, when prices are cheapest. The longer a series goes on, the more difficult the earlier issues are to get.
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2023 Silver Krugerand Brilliant Unc_obv

South Africa, Silver Krugerand 2023 Brilliant Unc

We don’t know who is making this year’s One Ounce Krugerrand but they have done the best looking coin that we have seen. The surfaces, both obverse and reverse, are flawless. We am sure that if it were slabbed it would get a very high grade. You have Paul Kruger on one side and a Spring Bok on the other side. Many mints are having problems producing their one ounce silvers, but South Africa is having no such problem. A splendid coin. You have to own one to believe how splendid a coin it is!
Picture of George V, Sixpence (Year of Three Kings) 1936 Fine

George V, Sixpence (Year of Three Kings) 1936 Fine

These 1936 silver sixpences have the portrait of King George V on them, but they have a far more interesting history. King George V died and his son became King Edward VIII and most of these Sixpences were struck during the reign of King Edward VIII. In December of that year Edward abdicated and his brother became King George VI. While the portrait is that of King George V who knows who was actually on the throne when they were struck. It is an interesting conundrum which will never be figured out.
1806 Half Penny Fine_obv

George III, Halfpenny 1806 Fine

During the reign of King George III there was a great shortage of small change. The last type of Halfpenny issued for this Monarch were struck in 1806 and 1807. We recently purchased a nice group of the 1806 issue, the first year of issue in Fine and Very Fine condition. You have the bust of King George III dressed as a Roman on one side and the seated figure of Britannia on the other side. These were the last copper George III halfpennies issued. After the Currency Reform Act of 1816, they didn’t bother to issue any halfpennies.