2003 Set of 4 Bridge Pattern Pounds in Silver

In 2003 the Royal Mint issued a set of four pattern Silver Proof Pounds of Bridges. Instead of ‘Pound’ each coin is inscribed with the word ‘Pattern’. The four patterns come in a blue Royal Mint case with an informative booklet about the four bridges. In later years the Mint actually issued all four of these patterns as actual coins complete with the word ‘Pound’ on them. This makes this set the cheapest and we think, one of the most important groups of patterns that the Mint has ever issued. The four Sterling Silver patterns are for the Forth Bridge, Menai Bridge, Egyptian Bridge, and Millennium Bridge. We can offer this incredible collection of four Royal Mint pattern Pounds for just £275 that works out to less than £70 per pattern. We have spent 2 years putting these 5 sets together. We also sell the actual silver coins. Think of the display you could put on, silver proof Patterns and then the actual silver proof coins that were issued. But only 5 sets available.
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