United States of America, 2003 Sacagawea Dollar Coin in Proof

In 2000 the United States Mint issued a new dollar coin: this one depicted a young native American Shoshone woman, Sacagawea carrying her infant Jean Baptiste. This design was only used from 2000-2008 and after that they changed the reverse design every year. All the Sacagawea Dollars are struck in Proof golden coloured metal. They were still trying to find a substitute for the dollar bill. We think these coins are fantastic in Proof condition, unfortunately in Uncirculated, they are just coins. Supplies are limited. This product is the 2003 issue of this fabulous dollar coin in proof condition.
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United States of America, Mercury Silver Dime 1940-1945

US Mercury Silver Dime 1940-1945. We have just bought a hoard of United States Silver Mercury Dimes or 10 Cent pieces all dated 1940-1945. They are struck in 900 fine Silver and in Fine or better condition. The dealer selected them from lots that came in over the years. These World War II silver coins are one of the most beautiful coins that America has ever issued. They are nicer than usual and we have most dates and mint marks in stock, so the more you order the more different coins we will be able to give you. You are getting a chance on this fabulous hoard.

United States of America, Barber Dime

Charles Barber was the Chief Engraver at the Philadelphia Mint in the United States. But he was also British and most collectors don’t know that. He designed many coins from the Dime (10c) to the Half Dollar. His coins circulated from 1892 to 1916, when the designs were replaced with others. We have always found that the smallest denomination, the Dime or 10 Cents is difficult to get hold of. The coins have the bust of Liberty on one side and the denomination on the other side. They are struck in 900 fine Silver and the coins on offer are in Very Good condition, especially considering that they are over 100 years old. If you have bought the other denominations, you will certainly want to add this denomination to your collection, but supplies are limited.
1989 200th Anniversary Of Congress Silver Proof Dollar_obv

United States of America, 1989 (200th Anniversary of Congress) Silver Proof Dollar

In 1989 the American Congress celebrated its Bicentennial or 200th anniversary. The American Congress like our Parliament has two divisions, but unlike ours both of their houses are elected. The senior one is the Senate and the junior one is the House of Representatives. The US Mint issued a special silver dollar to honour the 200th anniversary of Congress. It has the Statue of Freedom in the clouds and sunburst on the obverse. The reverse has the Mace from the House of Representatives. These Special Silver Dollars are struck in Proof 900 fine Silver and are priced to tempt you, but supplies are limited. Supplied in protective capsule