Elizabeth II, £5 (Golden Jubilee) 2002 Silver Proof

In 2002 the Royal Mint issued a crownsized £5.00 to honour the 50th anniversary of Elizabeth becoming Queen Elizabeth II. On one side you have the Queen on horseback and on the other you have a rather stunning portrait of the Queen in a very pensive pose. We have a small number of this handsome Silver Proof £5 complete in capsule. They are beautiful and do justice to our Monarch who has dedicated so much of her life to her country and her people. Don’t miss out, this is a handsome coin.
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This is the last set of New Zealand coins before they went decimal. It was issued under H. M. Queen Elizabeth II and is in selected circulated condition. There are a total of seven different denominations. You get the Halfpenny, Penny, Theepence, Sixpence, Shilling, Florin and Halfcrown, six different coins, six different denominations. The lower two denominations are struck in bronze and the higher five in cupronickel. Dates will vary, but all will have the Queen’s portrait and all are pre-decimal coins. Today New Zealand only issues decimal coinage and even some of them, the 1c and 2c are no longer being made...