Elizabeth II, £1 (Welsh Pound) 2000 Piedfort Silver Proof

2000 Welsh Dragon Piedfort Silver Pound. In 2000 the Royal Mint issued a Pound coin with the Welsh dragon on it. It is a very simple yet handsome design and one that would make anyone wish they were Welsh, just so they could claim the dragon. It is the Rank-Broadley bust of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. These are the Very Special coins struck in Proof Sterling Silver and double thickness Piedfort. A beautiful design in gleaming Piedfort Proof Sterling Silver.
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MonarchElizabeth II 1952 - 2022
Decimal DenominationOne Pound
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This Silver Piedfort Pound features the Rank-Broadley bust of Queen Elizabeth II and is a rather handsome rendition. The reverse has a Celtic Cross which is to honour Northern Ireland. These later date Pounds are getting much more difficult to find...
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£2 Piedfort Proof (double the normal thickness of Sterling Silver Proof) coin commemorative of the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II. The Dove of Peace on the reverse and Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Each coin comes in a protective capsule.
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In 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was Crowned at her Coronation Ceremony. Only two countries in the world issued Special Coronation Crowns, two others issued crowns, but they were not special issues. New Zealand and Great Britain were the only two countries to issue Coronation Crowns. In fact it was the only Queen Elizabeth II pre-decimal crown to be issued by New Zealand. Only 250,000 were struck and today it is not easy to find. You have the uncrowned bust of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and a crowned E II R on the other side. The examples that we have on offer are in Uncirculatedcondition. You may have the British issue in your collection, but do you have the New Zealand issue in your collection?