Elizabeth II, Welsh Pound Coin Uncirculated, 1990

As the round pound is no longer being made, many collectors will be trying to put together a date set in Uncirculated condition and let us tell you many of the dates are tough in Uncirculated. Not many people put away pound coins, after all it was a considerable amount of money. This round pound was struck in 1990 and has the Welsh leek inside a crown. The coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and are now 28 years old.
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Picture of Elizabeth II, Shield Round Pound Uncirculated, 2009

Elizabeth II, Shield Round Pound Uncirculated, 2009

In 2009 the Royal Mint issued one of their last round pounds for circulation. Unfortunately most of the coins were used and very few were put aside for collectors. So Uncirculated examples are difficult to find and this date is missing from many collections. You have the Rank-Broadley bust of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and a shield on the reverse. The coins on offer were put aside in 2009 and thus are in Uncirculated condition. Nothing special about this coin, just that it is not easy to find these days in Uncirculated condition. We were happy to buy this group, as we know that many collectors will want an example for their collection. The round pound is no more so this is a good coin to add to your collection.
Picture of Elizabeth II, Bubble Pack £1, 1983

Elizabeth II, Bubble Pack £1, 1983

In 1983 the Royal Mint issued its first ever non gold pound coin. It was the first of the new series or Round Pounds and is one of the most difficult to get, especially in high grade. Before then the Pound was only known in gold. We have just bought a nice group of the 1983 Round Pound in the Official Royal Mint Packaging, known in the trade as the bubble pack. These coins are suppose to be in Uncirculated condition, but that is not true. It turns out that bubble pack coins are specimens or Prooflike coins, a much better grade than the Uncirculated coins issued for circulation. The coins come in a full colour package with useful and interesting information and they are in Specimen Uncirculated condition. A difficult coin to find, especially so nice and of course supplies are very limited.