Elizabeth II, Royal Mint 1981 Proof Set

When the first Decimal coin was issued in 1968 they carried the denomination ‘New Pence’, this was to differentiate them from the pre-decimal Pennies that were in circulation at the time. This denomination was carried on until 1982, when the denomination was changed from New Pence to Pence and the word 'New' was dropped from the legend. We have on offer the last of the New Pence Proof Set, the 1981 issue. Each set is complete with the black outer wrapper and the set itself is in a bright red case. The set comprises the 50p, 10p, 5p, 2p, 1p and 1/2p all in Proof condition plus the Royal Mint dated medal. Of course, over the past 32 years, some of the coins will have toned a little, but this is normal. One important point is that the 5 pence was NOT struck for circulation. So if you want a 1981 5 New Pence, you can only get it from this Proof Set.
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6 coin proof set from 1/2p to 50p in original Royal Mint packaging.

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