Elizabeth II, Jubilee Lundy Set 1977

1977 Jubilee Lundy Set comprising of a sheet of 6 stamps issued for local usage and a Puffin and Half Puffin coin based on the famous 1928 token issue of Martin Coles Harman.

1977 Jubilee Lundy Set

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee, 1952-1977. She actually visited the small island of Lundy as part of her year-long celebration. Today it is a wildlife reserve with very few actual people living there. The first coins said to be struck on Lundy were in the reign of King Charles I.

You get a local souvenir sheet of 6 stamps issued for local usage and a Puffin and Half Puffin based on the famous 1928 token issue of Martin Coles Harman. The Government objected to these penny and half penny sized tokens at the time and actually took Mr. Harman to court. The House of Lords found him guilty in 1931, and he was fined £5 with fifteen guineas expenses. The coins were withdrawn and became collectors' items.

The stamps are in mint unused condition and the copper tokens are in choice Proof condition. The whole thing is in a descriptive folder and only 1,977 of these sets were ever issued. They are exclusive to Coincraft, but there are just 1,977 souvenir sheets and tokens ever to be issued.

In 1965 the Franklin mint issued a double pair of these tokens dated 1965. Today they are highly collected, as so few Lundy pieces are available to collectors.

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