Elizabeth II, 1970 Royal Mint Proof Set

8 coin proof set in original Royal Mint packaging.
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We believe that the 1970 Proof Set is the greatest Proof Set that the Royal Mint issued in the 20th Century. In 1970, pre-decimal coins were still being used, it would be another year until the New Decimal coins came into use.
The Royal Mint decided to issue all the then-current, pre-decimal coins in one final pre-decimal Proof Set. The set contains the Halfcrown, Florin, English Shilling, Scottish Shilling, and Sixpence, brass Threepence, Penny and Halfpenny.
Most importantly, if you are a date collector, none of these 1970 coins were ever struck for circulation. That means you get 8 coins that were never struck for circulation in just one Proof Set. If this were an American Proof Set then it would cost about £1,000.

If you break it up, the individual coins will cost you a heck of a lot more than our Proof Set price.
Each set comes in a sealed plastic case inside an imprinted paper wrapper. Over the past years, the coins will have toned slightly, but we always send you the best set that we have in stock, when your order arrives.

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