George V, Silver Jubilee Medal 1935

The official silver medal issued for the King's Silver Jubilee in 1935. Extremely Fine condition.
SKU: GV1935

This official silver medal was issued in 1935 for the King's Silver Jubilee and is unique. It is the only official medallion issued with the King and Queen on the same side. All the others have the King on one side and the Queen on the other side. These are the smaller sized issue, about halfcrown size and struck in Sterling Silver. The reverse has Windsor Castle on it.

The Official series stopped in 1937 so this is the penultimate issue. Now 81 years old, struck in Sterling silver and and Official issue, what more could you ask for?

Supplies are becoming difficult to obtain and the antique trade have been buying them up, presumably becasue they think they are too cheap.

These are Extremely Fine condition and well worth having but supplies are limited.

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