10 Maundy Set Cases

The problem with Maundy Sets is finding a case to hold the four small coins and once you have found a case how do you store it? Well Coincraft has come up with a unique solution. We have had special holders made exclusively for Coincraft to hold a set of Maundy coins. Once the coins are in the holder you just place the holder in a tray or box along with your other coins. The dimensions of the capsule are 49x49x6mm but please note that these holders are designed to accommodate the coins struck from 1822 onwards, the earlier Maundy coins are larger and will not fit in the cut-out inserts in these cases. The cost of dies and production for these cases was quite high, but it is a unique solution to the problem of how to store your Maundy Sets. Only Coincraft has this unique holder for sale, as they were made only for us.
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