Zimbabwe, Mint Set 2014 (5 coins)

Zimbabwe had the most incredible inflation and at one time they issued a 100 Trillion Dollar bill. Things are a little better now but in 2014 they issued a series of coins that were called ‘Bond Coins’. They look just like regular coins but are ‘guaranteed’ by a Government Bond. You have the 1 Bond Cent, 5 Bond Cents, 10 Bond Cents, 25 Bond Cents and 50 Bond Cents. All five coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated and not easy to get. Getting them was both difficult and expensive on the other hand it is the first time we have ever offered Bond Coins. Get them while you can, we were only allocated 100 sets and once they are gone…
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Bolivia Set of 6 Coins in BU

This is a fantastic set of six coins of Bolivia, the only landlocked nation in South America. The six coins are dated 2012. You get the 5, 2 and 1 Boliviano plus the 50, 20 and 10 Centavos. All the coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. All six Brilliant Uncirculated early Bolivian coins for a great price! But supplies are very limited.
South Sudan_Mint_Set_2015_3_coins

South Sudan, Mint Set 2015 (3 coins)

South Sudan is one of the newest nations but also one of the turbulent and difficult to deal with. We know of three coin dealers who went to South Sudan to buy coins and banknotes and all of them ended up in the local jail, including our agent. Finally someone from Eastern Europe managed to get these sets of 3 coins out of the country while staying out of jail. Some countries just don’t want you to have their coins and banknotes! There are three coins all dated 2015 and all in Prooflike Brilliant Uncirculated condition. They are the 10 Piastres with an oil well, 20 Piastres with a standing bird and 50 Piastres with a Hippo on it. They may not look like much but three dealers went to jail before we were able to get a small quantity of sets…