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United States of America, Lincoln Bicentennial Cent Proof Set_obv

United States of America, Lincoln Bicentennial Cent Proof Set

In 2009 it was the Bicentennial of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. He was US President during the Civil War and was killed for his beliefs. As wise-arse children, we use to joke, ‘so what else happened at the play last night Mrs. Lincoln?’ Lincoln is on billions of coins they make in America every year, the Lincoln Cent. As it is the lowest denomination it is also the most collected. This set was for the 200th anniversary of his birth. There are four different reverse designs and they were struck for only this one year. They are the log cabin where he was born in Kentucky, his formative years in Indiana, his professional life in Illinois and the Presidency in Washington. This set is very difficult to get and it is the first time that we have been able to buy any to offer you. The four different one year only Lincoln Cents in Proof in the Official case of issue.
United States of America, Mercury Dime (World War II) BU_obv

United States of America, Mercury Dime (World War II) BU

We've just had a small group of 27 Brilliant Uncirculated United States Mercury Dimes of 10-cent coins come in, there were going to be 50 pieces but only 27 were good enough. They were issued during World War Two and it is considered to be one of America’s most beautiful coins. We normally get this coin in Fine condition but in Brilliant Uncirculated condition it is really a beautiful coin. Get them while you can.

United States of America, Mercury Silver Dime 1940-1945

US Mercury Silver Dime 1940-1945. We have just bought a hoard of United States Silver Mercury Dimes or 10 Cent pieces all dated 1940-1945. They are struck in 900 fine Silver and in Fine or better condition. The dealer selected them from lots that came in over the years. These World War II silver coins are one of the most beautiful coins that America has ever issued. They are nicer than usual and we have most dates and mint marks in stock, so the more you order the more different coins we will be able to give you. You are getting a chance on this fabulous hoard.
Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine_obv

United States of America, Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine - Snap-lock display case.

The Cartwheel Silver Dollar was struck from 1878 until 1921. An interesting fact about this Silver Dollar which is known as a Morgan Dollar. Is that the engraver George Morgan was British. The coins are struck in .900 Fine Silver and while dates are of our choice all the coins are in at least Very Fine condition. As a little extra each Morgan Silver Dollar will come in an imprinted Snap-lock display case.
US 2023 $1 Silver Eagle Brilliant Unc_obv

United States of America, One dollar Silver Eagle 2023 Brilliant Unc

The new 2023 American Silver Eagle is new in a number of different ways! The reverse design has changed and the eagle is landing on a branch. It still has the nominal denomination of One Dollar and still contains one ounce of pure silver... The quality of the strike and finish is now superb and surprise surprise they have raised the price to the public. In this case, we believe the increase is worth it after all, it is not a lot considering that everything today costs more...
Picture of United States of America, Pair of American Olympic Proof Silver Dollars

United States of America, Pair of American Olympic Proof Silver Dollars

The United States held the Summer Olympics in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. these were the first Olympic Games to be professionally run and the first to make a profit. The United States Mint issued two Proof Silver Dollars to raise money to pay for these games. The difference between the cost and the selling price went to the Olympic Committee. In 1983 they issued a Silver Dollar with a modern triple vision of the Discus Thrower and the head of an American Bald Eagle on the reverse. In 1984 they issued a Silver Dollar with the nude but headless sculptures at the entrance to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The reverse had the American Bald Eagle in full stance. Both are struck in 900 fine silver. Today the Royal Mint charges £80.00 each for a silver Proof Crown, so I think that our price of £69.50 for both American Silver Dollars is quite fair; remember our price includes the Government’s 20% VAT!

United States of America, Presidential Dollar (Martin van Buren) 1837-1841

This small sized Martin van Buren dollar is part of a series made to honour previous American Presidents. It was issued in a tombac type material and are in Uncirculated condition. We have very few of them left, so if you hurry you might get one!

United States of America, Quarter 1976 Clad Proof S

In 1976, the United States celebrated the bi-centennial of gaining freedom from…. the US! Yes, it was over two hundred years ago that the two nations split, fiscally but not emotionally. The US Mint made new designs for the 25c, 50c and $1 coins. We knew we had some of the 1976 Quarters or 25c pieces in Proof, the only problem was finding them? Well, 4-5 years later, here they are. We never lose anything, but we do misplace the odd coin or two. You have a drummer beating his drum with a flame in a circle behind. It is a one year design, Choice Proof coins, struck in cupronickel by the US Mint and finally available to you again!
United States of America, Roosevelt Dime late 1950s BU_obv

United States of America, Roosevelt Dime late 1950s BU

In 1964 the United States issued its last ever dime or ten cents in silver that was meant to actually circulate. This country stopped using silver to make its coins, Maunday sets aside, in 1946 some 18 years earlier. We have a small collection of these silver times from the late 1950s. They feature the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt on one side a torch with flowers on the other side. Amongst the last ever silver dimes issued for circulation these are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Dates will be of our choice.
Rugged Americans

United States of America, Rugged American Collection

A friend of ours was cleaning out one of his warehouses and came across a quantity of this important collection. It was issued by the Canadian company ‘Husky Self Service Stations’ in 1970. They were struck by the famous, but no longer making coins, Franklin Mint. Each copper medallion depicts a famous figure from the old West and the collection comes with a booklet telling you who each one is and what they did. Plus a presentation card for displaying the whole collection. Each medallion is still in the original cellophane envelope that it was issued in. You get an eight-page information booklet which not only tells you about the person on the medallion but also an image of how they looked. Plus, a 4-page leaflet telling you about the issue of these medallions. Finally, a full-colour cardboard display card to mount and show off the entire collection of 13 pieces. The ‘cowboys’ depicted are Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, Kit Carson, Bat Masterson, Meriwether Lewis, and William Clark. The Native Americans depicted are Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Black Hawk, Sacajawea, and Crazy Horse. There are a total of 13 different bronze medallions all in pristine, unopened, new condition. And remember this set is 47 years old! We offer the complete set with a display card and information booklet for only £24.50! But there is a limit of 2 sets per order. After all, at this price, they are a gift and they make great gifts! Don’t miss out on this one.

United States of America, Silver Eagle BU in SnapLock Case

We have taken some Brilliant Uncirculated United States Silver Eagles, one of their most beautiful modern coins and made it even better. We have imported some full colour cases from America to make them look even better. The cases are called Snap Lock as they snap together and unsnap to hold your coin or coins. Dates of the American Silver Eagles will be of our choice, but each will contain one ounce of pure silver, be in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and comes in a handsome Snap Lock Case.
United States of America, Silver Peace Dollar Very Fine_obv

United States of America, Silver Peace Dollar Very Fine

In 1921 the American Government authorized a new Silver Dollar to honour the end of World War One. It became known as The Peace Dollar. They are full crown sized and struck in .900 fine Silver. The coins on offer are dated 1922-1927. Originally it was going to be a one-year issue, but it became so popular that they continued making them from time to time until about 1934. Our Peace Dollars are in Very Fine condition with the details very readable. These are nice coins that have had a bit of good honest wear from actually being used. We think you will like them.
Picture of United States of America, Silver Peace Dollar. BU in case.

United States of America, Silver Peace Dollar. BU in case.

A wonderful looking coin which was very popular in America.
Picture of United States of America, Two Different Proof Kennedy Halves Special

United States of America, Two Different Proof Kennedy Halves Special

During the move to the new customer service department, we found a hell of a lot of coins that we had forgotten we owned. Amongst them, a large group of United States Kennedy Half Dollars in Proof condition. These were issued between 1971 and today. While the Kennedy is no longer issued for circulation, they still issue them for mint and proof sets… We want to clear out the space, so we are going to make you a fantastic offer on Proof Kennedy Half Dollars. Normally we would charge £5.95-£7.95 per coin. But this is a very special offer and one you should not miss. I will give you two (2) different Kennedy half dollars in Proof condition for just £7.95. These are bargain priced, while our supplies last. When we replace them, our replacement cost will be this price or more. So get them while you can: 2 different Proof Kennedy Half Dollars for just £7.95!
Picture of United States of America, US Coast Guard Challenge

United States of America, US Coast Guard Challenge

This beautiful gold coloured with light blue, dark blue, red and white challenge piece is for one of the least known American Services, the Coast Guard. You have a ship at sea with a helicopter over head and their logo ‘Semper Paratus’. The reverse has a pair of anchors intertwined. It is full crownsized and comes in a protective capsule. If you like the sea you will love this challenge piece. At the price we are selling it, it just might fit into a few collections, but supplies are limited, we were only allowed to buy 130 of them and once they are gone, they are gone...
Picture of United States of America, US Liberty 5c

United States of America, US Liberty 5c

This Liberty Head Nickel was an American five-cent coin, issued for circulation from 1883 until 1912. It replaced the copper-nickel five-cent coin with the Shield struck in the early 1880s. Designed by Charles Barber it went into production in 1883. On the obverse is the classic head of Liberty, the reverse has a large roman numeral ‘V’ inside a wreath indicating the denomination of the coin and the word ‘cents’ below. In 1912 it was replaced by the Buffalo nickel.
Picture of United States of America, USA 18th Century Counterfeit Halfpenny

United States of America, USA 18th Century Counterfeit Halfpenny

18th century copper used by the early Colonists.
1982 Washington Half Dollar Silver Proof_obv

United States of America, Washington Half Dollar 1982 Silver Proof

In 1982 the United States Government again honoured their first President, George Washington. This time it was on a commemorative Half Dollar. Don’t forget he was already on the quarter and the dollar bill, so this was his third attempt at numismatic immortality. You have George riding his horse on one side and Mount Vernon, his home, on the reverse. This was the first commemorative half dollar since 1954. They are struck in 900 fine Silver. and are in Proof condition. It has been a little while since we were last able to offer this important commemorative coin. Even in America, the supply seems to be drying up...
Picture of United States of America, WW2 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

United States of America, WW2 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

In 1916 a new Half Dollar coin was issued, it was engraved by Adolph A. Weinman and this design continued to be struck until 1947. On one side you have Liberty walking with the wind blowing the drapes of her dress. On the other side, you have American Bald Eagle wings spread, almost looking like she is walking too. It is no wonder that these coins are called the Walking Liberty Half Dollars. The coins on offer are mostly from the 1940s and are in Fine or better condition. The Silver Eagle design is based on this coin, but the engraver of this Half Dollar was much better. Nice coins and now about 70 years old and getting more and more difficult to find.
1991 Mount Rushmore_obv

United States, Silver Dollar 1991 Mount Rushmore

This famous giant carving of four Presidents on a mountain is in South Dakota. It took years to complete and pictures George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. It was started in 1927 by Gutzon Borglum and was not finished until 1941. The busts are 60 feet high and done on the side of a mountain. This Mount Rushmore United States Silver Dollar was issued in 1991 for the 50th anniversary of its completion. They are struck in Proof 900 fine Silver and only issued for that one year. Supplies are limited and they are Silver Proof, supplied in protective capsule.
Picture of Uruguay, Mint Set

Uruguay, Mint Set

A fantastic Ten coin set. 10 Centesimos, 20 Centesimos, 50 Centesimos, $1, $2, $5, $10, $50, $100 & $200 dated 1980-1981. Many different sizes and designs, there must have been a lot of monetary problems at the time. Almost impossible to duplicate this set today.
Picture of Vanuatu (New Hebrides), 100 Francs

Vanuatu (New Hebrides), 100 Francs

The exotic South Pacific Island Nation of the New Hebrides is now called Vanuatu. It got its independence from the Anglo-French commission that ran it in 1980. Before then, only one crown was ever issued and that was the 100 Francs of 1966. It is struck in 835 fine Silver and the coins on offer are in Uncirculated condition. If you are collecting a crown of each country, then you must have this one for your collection. It has the head of French Liberty on one side and a native carved sceptre on the other side. A large silver crown that is very difficult to get, in fact we have only 35 pieces and that is after a year of looking for them.
Vatican, 2 Lire (Holy Year) 1958 Brilliant Unc_obv

Vatican, 2 Lire (Holy Year) 1958 Brilliant Unc

Citta del Vaticano, or Vatican City, issued its own coins up until 2002 when it adopted the Euro. These Aluminium 2 Lire coins (KM.50) were issued in the name of Pope Pius XII in 1958 and were the last of their type issued since he died in October 1958. The coins are low mintage with only 30,000 being struck. They have the crowned shield on the obverse and on the reverse the figure of Fortitude standing with a lion at his feet. Even better, they come in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and are now nearly 65 years old and rather difficult to find.
Western Samoa, $10 (Olympics) Silver 1980 Unc_obv

Western Samoa, $10 (Olympics) Silver 1980 Unc

This Crown or $10 or 10 Tala was issued by Western Samoa, now Samoa for the Olympics held in 1980 in Moscow. This Olympics caused great rifts amongst the major players and some countries didn’t even show up. You have two men doing the hurdles with the Olympic symbol and rings on one side. The other side has the arms of Western Samoa with the denomination. This full crownsized coin was struck in Uncirculated 500 fine Silver. It is Prooflike but it is listed as Uncirculated, so Uncirculated it is. With high price of silver, our price of £29.50 is very realistic today. But supplies are very limited.
Yugoslavia 1987 100 Dinar_obv

Yugoslavia, 100 Dinar 1987 Brilliant Unc

We have 2 different commemorative coins from the now-extinct Yugoslavia. The 1987 100-dinar coin (offered here) commemorates the bicentenary of the birth of Vuk Karadžić, a Serbian philologist who played a major role in standardising Serbia’s Cyrillic alphabet and reforming the country’s literature in the 19th Century.

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