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Picture of Remember Nelson by Thomas Hardy

Remember Nelson by Thomas Hardy

Campaign and Commemorative Medals, Portrait Medallions and Associated Insignia 1797-2005.
Picture of Tristan da Cunha, Nelson Crown with Piece of Ship

Tristan da Cunha, Nelson Crown with Piece of Ship

In 2015 the little island of Tristan da Cunha issued a rather special Silver Proof Crown. It was for Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, his portrait was the reverse with H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. But what makes these crowns so special is that each coin contains an actual piece of his flag ship HMS Victory. That’s right a small actual piece of the wood that was used in his ship... You can now own a real bit of history. Today the mints worldwide seem to be charging about £80.00 for a new silver crown, so we are very pleased to be able to offer you one at a lower price. However, supplies are very limited and the ship had only so much timber…
Picture of Tristan da Cunha, Nelson Proof Crown

Tristan da Cunha, Nelson Proof Crown

This beautiful Crown was issued by ‘TDC’ or Tristan da Cunha in 2010 to honour Sir Horatio Nelson, Hero of the battle of Trafalgar 1805. You have Nelson in full naval uniform and his ship H.M.S. Victory to his side. A full colour enamelled British Flag is to his left. H.M. Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse. The full crownsized coin is gold plated and then put in a protective capsule. It is a beautiful and extremely well engraved coin and honours a truly great hero of the British Navy. This is the first time that we have had them to offer and our supplies are limited. Unfortunately we can never get as many pieces as we would like. We offer them for a special price because we buy all or as few as they have. Well worth adding to your collection.