United States of America, Silver Morgan Dollar, 'O' Mintmark, BU

Brilliant Uncirculated .900 fine Silver Morgan Dollar dated between 1878 and 1899 struck at the New Orleans Mint.
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This American Silver Dollar is known as a Morgan Dollar, after its British engraver. You have the bust of Liberty on one side and the American bald eagle on the other side. These were the coins used in the old West every day, day in and day out. 

The coin present here, the New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar, is just like those coins but this one is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. And of course, it has the 'O' Mintmark. This coin was struck in 900 fine silver, in Brilliant Uncirculated condition between 1878 and 1899. Dates will be of our choice depending on availability but all the coins are nice.

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