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Morgan Silver Dollar Philadelphia Mint.
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US Silver Dollar, Uncirculated, Philadelphia Mint This American Silver Dollar is known as a Morgan Dollar, after its British engraver. You have the bust of Liberty on one side and the American bald eagle on the other side. These were the coins used in the old West and used every day, day in and day out.
Only these coins were not used but are in unused Uncirculated condition. W have seen similar coins being sold by some marketers, but have checked them out, many are just polished Extremely Fine coins. Our coins are real Uncirculated examples. We can offer them from the Philadelphia Mint. They are struck in 900 fine silver, in Uncirculated condition and struck between 1878 and 1899. Dates will be of our choice, but all coins are nice.

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When Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee in 1887, she not only allowed them to change her portrait but also to issue a new denomination. That was the Double Florin which was equivalent to Four Shillings. It was almost crownsized and struck in Sterling Silver. Today we have an equivalent coin, but we call it a 20 Pence. Shows what time and inflation will do to money. The Double Florin was also known as the Bar-Maids ruin. After she had had a few drinks, the bar-maid would often give change for a Crown and not a Double Florin. That Shilling difference was a lot of money and came directly from the Bar-Maids wages. This Double Florin was only made from 1887-1890. In the past we have offered the Queen Victoria Double Florin in Fine and even in Very Fine, now we can offer them in Extremely Fine condition. These are super coins and most are dated 1887, remember they are struck in Sterling Silver and they have the Jubilee Head portrait of the Queen.