United States of America, 2014 ATB Quarters Silver Proof

Issued in 2014 these follow on from the State quarters but this time they tell what is beautiful in each state. They are .900 fine Silver Proofs in the Official United States Mint, double-sided presentation case. The five silver proof quarters represent Tennessee, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, and Utah. Each coin is both brilliant and matt proof and protected from handprints in a double-sided view plastic case. These are beautiful coins and this is the first time we have offered them. We have just 50 sets in stock and they are not easy to get even in the States. We know you will just love this set of five brilliant proof silver-proof quarters. We have always found the US Mint sells silver proofs of the highest quality and at the most reasonable price.
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In 1976 the United States celebrated its 200th anniversary of freedom from this country. It is called their Bicentennial and they issued 3 special coins to honour this event. This is the largest coin of three, the Proof Silver Dollar. The obverse shows Ike Eisenhower with two different dates 1776 – 1976. The reverse shows the moon with the Liberty Bell. These silver dollars are brilliant proof and they were struck only in 1976. We think it is both a beautiful silver proof silver dollar and also very reasonably priced. But supplies are limited, and it has been some time since we were last able to offer them.
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British Pattern Euro Proof Set 2003

Although we never joined the Euro, INA made up pattern Euro Proof Sets for many nations and the United Kingdom was one of them. It is a nine piece set from the 1 Cent size to the crownsized 5 Euro including two bi-metallic pieces. These follow the size and the metal as used on the actual Euro coins, that were issued of course. It has been sometime since we have been able to offer this collection, we think it fills in an important part of our numismatic heritage. You get the following sized coins: 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1 Euro, 2 Euro and crownsized 5 Euro all in brilliant proof condition. Each coin comes in an envelope in a bag. We got these sets from a dealer in Scotland who forgot he had them. Once these are gone that will be that... Remember you are getting 9 proof coins in your British Pattern Euro Proof Set...
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Elizabeth II, £2 (Robin Hood) 2021 1 Oz. Silver BU

The Royal Mint has issued a crownsized £2 coin, containing one ounce of pure silver and honouring someone who never existed, Robin Hood! It shows Robin in Sherwood Forest on the limb of a great tree getting ready to shoot an arrow. It is a beautiful coin that the Mint has called Uncirculated but it is very similar to what they call Australian reverse proof. Call it what you like but a lot of collectors from many collecting areas will want a Robin Hood in their collection. Just issued and the first time that we have offered it. Robin Hood, Robin Hood…