UN FAO Food For All sheet of 12 Uncirculated coins.

Sheet of 12 uncirulated coins issued by the Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN to raise money for famine relief.
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We have managed to buy the last of the United Nations Food For All sheet of coins. These were issued in the 1980’s and 1990’s to help raise money for famine relief. What many collectors don’t realise is that most of these coins never made it back to their own countries. Therefore there are collectors at home, looking for them.
There are a total of 12 Uncirculated coins on the sheet and two that we think are very interesting are the Guernsey 1p & 2p coins of 1985. They have a crab and a cow on them and they only struck 60,000 of each, so these must be a key date of the series.
You get Uncirculated coins from Maldives, Uruguay, Brazil, Guernsey, Nepal, San Marino, Turkey and the Vatican. The Turkish coin has a face value of 50,000 Lira. None of these coins are easy to find and at our price for the whole sheet of 12 Uncirculated coins, we think it is a bit of a bargain. The first time we had them, they sold out very quickly, so we advise acting with speed on this one as supplies are limited.

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