Ukraine, Mint Set 2010-12 (7 Values)

7 coins 2010-2012, 1, 2, 5, 10 25 and 50 Kopiyok and 1 Hruvni. Who knows when and where more will be made.
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Transdniestra, Mint Set  2000-5 (5 Values)

Transdniestra, Mint Set 2000-5 (5 Values)

5 coins 2000-2005, 1 5, 10, 25 and 50 Kopeek, separated from Moldavia very unusual.
Picture of U.A.E., 1 Dirham

U.A.E., 1 Dirham

with local coffee pot, Uncirculated
Picture of Nepal, Fantastic 10 Coin Mint Set Unc

Nepal, Fantastic 10 Coin Mint Set Unc

In Nepal, there are almost no coins being used, because they cost more to strike than their face value. A friend put together a collection of ten (10) different coins of Nepal and all in Uncirculated condition. It would be very difficult to put such a diverse collection together today, especially in Uncirculated condition. As coins are expensive to strike, they print low-value banknotes that everyone uses. We were only allocated 99 sets and when they are gone, our supply and supplier are out of stock.