Tristan da Cunha, Diamond Coronation Crown

The Portuguese explorer Tristão da Cunha was born in 1460 and died in 1540. At one time he was King Manuel I’s ambassador to the Vatican under Pope Leo X. But he is best known for his antics in the Middle East and India. When in his wanderings he found a group of islands in the South Atlantic, although the weather was too rough to get off his ship, he claimed them and named one after himself. Now that island Tristan da Cunha has issued a crown to honour their discoverer. It is diamond shaped and has H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on one side and Tristão on the other side with sailing ship and wheel. This is heavily silver plated and struck in Proof condition. It also comes in a diamond shaped protective capsule. If you name an island after yourself, why not have a coin made for you?
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