The Schneider Collection of English Gold Coins volume 1 - 1257-1603

by Peter Woodhead. Hardback with dust jacket, 463 pages and 83 fine photographic plates. The Herbert Schneider Collection, Volume One. English Gold Coins 1257 to 1603 by Peter Woodhead. Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles volume 47 Hardback, 463 pages, 83 plates. The Herbert Schneider collection of gold coins was formed over a period of 50 years by one of the leading experts in the field. This first volume covering English gold coins from 1257 - 1603 runs from the reign of Henry III to that of Elizabeth I. The introduction discusses the background of each ruler, the terms of the coin issues based on surviving mint documents, the numismatic classification, and the modern literature. The meticulous catalogue of the 890 coins gives full transcriptions of the legends and details of the classification and die-linking of each coin. Every piece is illustrated on the 83 plates making the Sylloge a useful tool for identification and further study. A classic reference work for anyone interested in the early gold coinage of England.
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